Computerworld Honors 2013: Tech projects that are changing the world

These organizations are using technology to solve some of society's most pressing and complex issues.

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World Good

Organization Project Name Project Achievements  
Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Fight to End HIV and Tuberculosis

Enterprise resource planning system brings operational efficiencies and provides staff with data where and when they need it so they can make well-informed decisions more quickly, leaving more time for direct patient care

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21st Century Award winner
Dell American Red Cross Listening Center for Humanitarian Relief The first social media-based operation devoted to human relief, this center uses Dell products and services to spot trends, better anticipate the public's needs and connect people with resources during a disaster Finalist
ORTEC Consulting Group/ORTEC BV North Star Alliance Corridor Medical Transfer System (COMETS) Client health registration system enables the exchange of patientspecific data in a network of roadside health clinics in Africa as well as monitors and evaluates health trends on the local, national and regional level Finalist
United Nations Development Programme Information Security Assurance Information Security Unit achieves ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, representing its commitment to information security and quality management best practices; improves organization's ability to meet its mission by better protecting its internal information resources, productivity and data Finalist
Human Rights & International Criminal Law Online Forum Human Rights & International Criminal Law Online Forum The UCLA Sanela Diana Jenkins International Human Rights Project and the International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor establish a forum to engage the worldwide legal community in dialogues on topics of interest to the prosecutor Finalist
Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India DEIT and the e-District National Rollout Rollout of e-District shortens time to deliver government services and reduces administrative burden on government by enabling citizens to access a wide selection of services online or through village-based onestop shops called Common Service Centres
Federal Health Architecture CONNECT Open-source solution provides a leading edge, flexible platform for health information exchange; healthcare organizations and physicians using CONNECT can effectively and securely exchange data with their partners, reduce costs and enhance services
Frog 1BestariNet Project provides all 10,000 Malaysian state schools and 10 million users with 4G connectivity to Frog's Virtual Learning Environment, an Internet operating system that gives students and teachers virtual access to education resources
Gemalto Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil by Gemalto M2M Technology Technology aims to help catch tree thieves in action and stop deforestation; Cargo Tracck's tracking solution uses Gemalto's machine-to-machine module to enable cellular communications so devices attached to protected trees can alert law enforcement to illegal tree harvesting
Infosys Ltd. Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research launches OSDD program, providing a global platform where anyone can collaborate on developing therapies for tropic diseases, such as malaria
Marist College World Community Grid College contributes its idle computer processing power to crunch work units for various humanitarian and sustainability projects through the World Community Grid, contributing more than 10,800 years of computing time since 2005
Millenniata Inc. Permanent Digital Data Storage M-Discs enable individuals and organizations to archive data without needing to keep discs in environmentally controlled conditions; helps organizations such as The Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University preserve their digital collections for centuries
Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society of Serbia Virtual Desktops in Serbian Primary Schools Ministry outfits the nation's 1,600 primary schools with computer labs comprised of virtual desktops to enable students to direct their learning and access online educational applications; virtual environment also simplifies management and reduces costs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luxembourg Satellite-based telecommunications platform designed to work in disaster zones takes less than an hour to establish high-speed Internet connectivity for voice, data and image transmission, enabling aid workers to register their laptops, tablets and cellphones on the spot and use the satellite capacity at no cost
TM Forum Resilient Cloud Catalyst: Maintaining Service in the Face of Developing Threats Project developed by nonprofit's security program demonstrates how to maintain critical system resources by monitoring risks like Hurricane Sandy and proactively managing the physical resources of a cloud environment that supports mission-critical services
U.S. Army, Communications- Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD) Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) Reference Implementation Laboratory (RIL) Competitive, multivendor approach offers improved interoperability, timelier implementation and cost savings for the government; enables the government to foster more competition in the tactical radio market and eliminates the need for a single vendor to develop and sustain the radio

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