Computerworld Honors 2013: Tech projects that are changing the world

These organizations are using technology to solve some of society's most pressing and complex issues.

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Emerging Technology

Organization Project Name Project Achievements  
Commercial Bank of Africa M-Shwari Project

Bank partners with local telecommunications provider Safarico to create fully integrated mobile-centric banking solution to bring banking services to millions of people who previously had no or limited access to banks

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21st Century Award winner
Miami Children's Hospital Telehealth Project Integration of the hospital's electronic medical record, the MCH Global Telemedicine Command Center, smart mobile health applications and interactive mobile equipment dramatically expands MCH's service footprint and ability to deliver specialized care to medically underserved communities Finalist
Cisco Systems Connected Grid Field Area Network Ruggedized field area network connects 2 million smart meters in British Columbia Hydro service area, enabling data collection, data management, theft detection and integration with utility applications to support, measure, manage and analyze energy use Finalist
Marist College Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAA I) Business intelligence technologies and predictive analytics form the basis for an open-source academic early alert system that allows instructors to identify at the start of courses which students are at risk of not completing the class, enabling them to intervene early Finalist
Persistent Systems Ltd. Big Data/Social Media/Viewer Response Analytics for "SMJ," a Revolutionary New Indian TV Show Dedicated to Resolving Social Issues Comprehensive analytics platform for filmmaker Aamir Khan's interactive socio-cultural TV show in India enables real-time analysis of millions of comments and stories submitted via social media to create digital feedback loop from viewers to viewers as well as to the show's team Finalist
10gen Education Technology Initiatives Powered by MongoDB 10gen's MongoDB database powers InBloom, a nonprofit tech company that makes data integration and content search easier for educators so they can quickly and securely get comprehensive history for each student to improve outcomes and personalize instruction
Bexar County My Bexar Community Dashboard Platform consolidates local, regional and national information into an easy-to-use interactive dashboard that allows users to access community information previously spread over multiple websites
BISON Alternative Investment Network Vertical network for pensions, endowments and foundations (PEF) to learn about best alternative investment managers actively raising capital brings technology innovation, efficiencies and transparency to the market while enabling PEFs to make more informed investment decisions
Computer Sciences Corp. ClimatEdge Risk management suite applies big data analytics to historical data from NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other public sources, providing new insights to commercial and public interests to help them minimize risk and make better-informed decisions
Cook Children's Healthcare Network Medical Grade Wireless Utility Overhaul of existing wireless network creates converged, future-ready, hospital-owned asset consisting of multiple wireless services on a single infrastructure; provides improved reliability and capacity while increasing timeliness and quality of staff communications Nominated by West Health Institute
Directorate of Information Technology (DIT), Government of Maharashtra, India Maharashtra Cloud Initiative to provide cloud services to Maharashtra government departments yields multiple benefits, including reduced costs, reduced time to provision servers, reduction in downtime due to maintenance, quicker restoration of servers and faster rollout of new servers
Fisker Automotive Designing Eco-Friendly and Exciting Automobiles Deployment of SAP platform that supports company's entire value chain leverages best practices for business processes to deliver operational efficiencies and enable effective decision-making capabilities, allowing more time to focus on company's mission
Gravitant Improving Public Sector Agency Responsiveness to Unexpected Demand Cloud brokerage and management platform powered by Gravitant seamlessly provisions IT resources from multiple cloud sources in real time to meet variability in demand from several Texas state agencies
HBF HBF Embraces Virtualized Storage Infrastructure Consolidation of storage assets in an environment that's 50% virtualized combined with management software allows for optimal infrastructure growth, and provides the flexibility and scalability needed to efficiently store, access and move HBF's current and growing data
J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) Analyzing an Ocean of Data Deployment of columnar database technology designed for highvolume analytics delivers the right combination of scalability to accommodate data size, speed and affordability, which allows JCVI to analyze more data, leading to new discoveries
MemSQL MemSQL Distributed By elevating data into memory, developers for a real-time bond data application are able to balance highvelocity data streaming and a high number of concurrent queries while still using a relational database with MemSQL, a strategy that saves time and reduces total cost of ownership
Mercy Open Source Web Content and Document Management for Mercy Integrated platform allows Mercy healthcare system to consolidate more than 45,000 policies and procedures into one powerful, centralized portal with a standard layout that makes finding important information easier and enables collaboration
Morgridge Institute for Research Gene Expression Analysis for Stem Cell Differentiation Using Utility Supercomputing High-performance utility supercomputing provides an affordable research tool for scientists, dramatically condensing compute times to enable breakthroughs such as the creation of an indexing system for stem cells that could expedite research
Nexthink Infrastructure Monitoring for the Paris Fire Brigade Real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of the performance of IT infrastructure means problems are immediately detected and resolved before users are negatively impacted, while also simplifying daily IT work and reinforcing IT's control over the infrastructure
Ohio Academic Resources Network OAR net 100 Gbps Network Expansion OARnet, which serves the networking and technology needs of Ohio universities, K-12 schools, public broadcasting, government departments and hospitals, upgrades from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps to create the high-performance environments needed for next-generation business applications
Oregon Secretary of State One Stop Business Portal New Business Xpress website features top tasks that business owners must complete when interacting with state government, allowing businesses to use a single portal to access the information they need
Search Engine Inc. The Street Development Project Initiative brings together private business, public entities and residents to improve the ability to navigate through Ghana by enhancing street-level navigational aids, such as signs and house numbers, as well as creating centralized digital navigation data
Temperature@lert Temperature@lert Solar Cellular Edition A combination of solar power, cellular communication technology and smart sensors provides 24/7 monitoring of crops; the combination of technology along with alerts sent via emails, text messages and/or telephone calls enables better crop management and lowers water and fuel use
United Nations Global Pulse Big Data and Unemployment Through the Lens of Social Media Analysis of social media chatter and sentiment helps identify trends related to unemployment increases and helps inform policymakers so they can react more quickly to mitigate the negative effects of increased unemployment
University of Kentucky Big Data Analytics to Increase Student Graduation Rates Big data analytic tool lets users quickly create and execute queries that can help improve student performance and graduation rates by identifying students in need of help or intervention

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