Computerworld Honors 2013: Tech projects that are changing the world

These organizations are using technology to solve some of society's most pressing and complex issues.

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Organization Project Name Project Achievements  
Deque Systems Amaze

Revolutionary approach makes websites accessible to people with disabilities in real time; with Amaze, an accessibility overlay can be created to fix bugs immediately without having to reprogram source code, resulting in a rapid, cost-effective solution

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21st Century Award winner
Hewlett-Packard Co. HP VideoBook HP solution augments textbooks with videos; algorithm runs series to process text from books or documents and identify and present relevant videos, giving students a dynamic learning experience that improves academic performance Finalist
Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) Tomorrow's HealthCare Web-based quality improvement program based on PRHI's methodology for healthcare quality improvement and efficiency gives healthcare workers access to the tools, education and online community needed to improve patient care Finalist
Dell SecureWorks Targeted Threat Intelligence Services Services portfolio extends security teams' visibility into threats that are specifically targeting their organizations; addresses the differences in actors behind such threats along with their behaviors to provide organizations with forward, actionable intelligence Finalist
Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co. (MKI) POC for Accelerating Cancer Research Through Real-Time, Big Data Genome Analysis MKI creates a single, real-time data platform prototype that shortens genome analysis time from several days to 20 minutes, an improvement that could dramatically improve cancer treatments and other healthcare services Finalist
California Department of Motor Vehicles DMV Social Media Program Evolving multipronged social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube increases customer engagement and improves customer communication and education opportunities
Cisco Systems Smart+Connected Communities: Lake Nona Cisco uses an intelligent network as the core technology platform to transform the city of Lake Nona into a connected community; integrated urban plan will enable information exchange between services, fulfilling the need for increased security, energy conservation, enhanced productivity and a digital lifestyle
City of Boston Boston Citizens Connect Initiative strengthens connection between residents and city by providing multiple technology platforms (self-service portal, Twitter, website, online chat and text) on which to interact and communicate service needs to city workers
Cognizant Technology Solutions Research & Development Project develops technology to detect different types of diseases at early stages by using image pattern recognition techniques; current project work focuses on disease detection in cotton leaves as well as skin diseases in humans
Computer Sciences Corp. CarIT Business focuses on helping auto manufacturers harness new technologies in all phases of auto manufacturing and operations, bringing innovative security and safety features to car design while also saving automakers money and time during product development
DataXu Data Science and the Art of Marketing Real-time, multivariate decision system has ability to sense and correct course, based on changing consumer behavior across all touch points; considers creative, context and other variables dynamically, helping bridge the gap between analysis and use of consumer data
Directorate of Information Technology (DIT), Government of Maharashtra, India Aadhaar Linked Service Delivery Following the Indian government's initiative to assign unique identification numbers to every resident, the regional Maharashtra government links bank accounts with UID numbers for public program beneficiaries so grants transfer directly to their bank accounts; this ensures delivery of benefits as well as financial inclusion of everyone
Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Unified, governmentwide risk management framework for IT systems ends costly and inefficient duplication of efforts and increases confidence in security of cloud systems; fosters faster adoption of cloud services and expedites implementation of next-generation technologies
Federal Student Aid The Integrated Student Experience (ISE) ISE initiative consolidates multiple sources of information related to financial aid and the college decision-making process into a one-stop shop, creating a better experience for users and increasing financial-aid awareness
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research Biomedical Big Data Proof-of-Concept Open-source technologies (Apache Hadoop, Hive and Mahout) enable analysis of information at a scale, speed and cost that could not have been previously accomplished, helping expedite work done by cancer researchers
HQDA Deputy Chief of Staff G-3/5/7 DAMOFME Enterprise Management Decision Support (EMDS), Pentagon Enterprise Management Decision Support System provides actionable information quickly and eliminates hassle of manual data collection and analysis by efficiently and accurately aggregating data from multiple authoritative sources; supports Army readiness
Internet2 (and Its Members) The Nation's Fastest, Coast-to- Coast Research and Education Network New network includes advanced technologies offered as an Innovation Platform to develop a new generation of applications and deliver new, more efficient, better-yielding services for 200,000 community anchor institutions and university business functions
MicroTech Latino Donor Collaborative Online collaborative knowledge portal using open-source infrastructure gives the nonprofit Latino Donor Collaborative a tool to support its initiative to expand and advance a more accurate, factbased portrayal of Latinos and their contributions to America
NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer: IT Labs Program IT Labs Program Program focuses on improving the innovation process for IT-related ideas at NASA; this centralized program sets policies and procedures that within a two-year span has led to investments in more than 30 potentially feasible projects
Online Computer Library Center Inc. (OCLC) WorldShare Management Services Global Deployment Web-based environment streamlines cataloging, acquisitions, license management and circulation workflows, and offers a powerful discovery and delivery tool for members of the nonprofit OCLC; enables libraries to share infrastructure costs and resources as well as collaborate
The Nemours Foundation Nemours Children's Hospital Application development and deployment focuses on the patient and parent experience, with applications such as Patient Care Display and Clinician Profiles pulling information from various systems to provide quick access to information at the point of care
True Office True Office Compliance Gaming Engine Cloud-based gaming engine for desktop and mobile delivery covers critical regulatory topics and provides an immersive experience for employees that fosters true learning while providing data for analysis, thereby helping employers better manage and mitigate compliance risk
University of California, Merced UC Merced Mobile App Challenge Innovative entrepreneurial competition allows undergraduates to define and solve their own problems; encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity while helping retain students from traditionally underserved populations
UPMC Mercy Hospital Smartphone Use in Bedside Patient Care Deployment of multiple smartphone applications that deliver medical orders, alerts and patient information to healthcare personnel in a more timely manner, allowing clinicians to respond rapidly as well as spend more time caring for patients
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Real-Time Mobile Collection of Field Data Project provides ability to electronically capture and upload field water sampling results and chain-of-custody information at the source, eliminating delays in getting critical information about water samples to staff and customers
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) W3C: Leading the Web to Its Full Potential W3C leads standardization of the latest iteration of Web technology, called "Open Web Platform for application development," which is a full-fledged Web programming environment, powered in part by HTML5, that transforms static Web pages into dynamic Web applications
Xerox Corp. Xerox Ignite Educator Support System One-of-a-kind workflow and software system pushes hand-marked student work (on paper today or on tablets tomorrow) into the digital analytics domain, making it faster for teachers to grade tests and easier to provide individualized instruction

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