Computerworld Honors 2013: Tech projects that are changing the world

These organizations are using technology to solve some of society's most pressing and complex issues.

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Safety & Security

Organization Project Name Project Achievements  
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Piracy Attack Risk Surface (PARS)

Forecasting tool integrates environmental conditions, pirate concept of operations, commercial shipping information and relevant piracy information to forecast probability of pirate activity over a 72-hour time frame within the Somali Basin Region and the Gulf of Aden

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21st Century Award winner
Cisco Systems Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) Team of networking, radio communications and systems engineers along with logistics and operations coordinators provides free IT resources and services to support relief efforts and relief organizations in crisis situations Finalist
City of Richmond, Va., Department of Information Technology Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) Software allows emergency dispatch centers, where 911 calls have priority, to respond more quickly to reports from alarm companies and enables better flow of critical information about alarm incidents to dispatchers to improve emergency response Finalist
Thailand Royal Irrigation Department Thailand Royal Irrigation Deploys Public Safety and Data Communications Wireless Video Mesh Network for Advanced Flood Forecasting World's first large-scale wireless mesh network transmits live highdefinition video feeds of river water levels and other environmental data so engineers and meteorologists can better predict when and where flooding could occur Finalist
Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate Identity Resolution Exploitation Management Services (IREMS) System integrates and disseminates identification data derived from biometrics, forensics and other material collected worldwide to help security officials around the globe quickly identify suspects, criminals and terrorists Finalist
Alabama Computer Forensics Institute WARN Project Project uses analytic and modeling tools to help law enforcement and child advocates identify trends and patterns of emerging criminal behavior directed toward Alabama youth
Anaheim Police Department (APD) APD Maps for iPad Police department replaces paper maps and map books with iPad application that incorporates geographical data, building plans and features such as pan and zoom, increasing officers' situational awareness and tactical response
City of Ann Arbor Technology, Integration and Collaboration to Support Fire Incident Response and Command Platform combines proven incident response and incident command capabilities in networked emergency management system for coordinated use across all agencies and departments; provides real-time integration between systems supporting dispatch, mobile data computers and records management system
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection (CIP), Michigan Department of Technology Management and Budget Integrating Cyber and Physical Security: Ending the Divide Using a Comprehensive Approach to Risk New CIP function combines disparate security services to align policies and operations and enable technology innovation, using a comprehensive, metrics-based approach to reducing physical and cyber risks
Dell SonicWALL Our Kids of Miami-Dade/ Monroe -- Case Study Nonprofit agency providing foster care, adoption and related services uses Dell SonicWALL Aventail Secure Remote Access Appliance to enable workers using mobile devices and workers from other organizations to securely access the agency data they require
Federal Bureau of Investigation Sentinel Case management tool enables much faster, more comprehensive and more secure information sharing among FBI agents, field offices and analysts; employees can now share and view new information in minutes, compared with days or weeks using the previous system
Hewlett-Packard Co. HP Global Product Authentication Service Cloud-based application helps organizations combat counterfeit goods and activities by allowing consumers to quickly scan or send SMS text with a code to determine if a product is real or fake prior to or after a purchase
IDV Solutions Visual Command Center Software visually integrates data from internal and external systems and sources to give organizations a complete picture of possible sources of risk, such as civil unrest or natural disasters; overlays the data onto an interactive map to identify people and facilities at risk
International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) Electronically Secure Collaborative Application Platform for Experts (ES CAPE) Platform escalates the speed with which IMPACT and organization members are able to respond to cyber threats by enabling them to access information and the collaboration of security experts in numerous locations around the globe
Jersey City Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security Jersey City IRAPP Interoperable Response and Preparedness Platform provides coordinated communications between emergency personnel and critical infrastructure organizations by leveraging existing communications and media infrastructure as well as next-generation broadband efforts to create a resilient and scalable collaboration framework
Long Beach Police Department Using Innovative ECM Technology to Curb Crime Integrated enterprise content management and records management technology enables police officers to access up-to-date information from their patrol cars so they have the information they need to arrest gang members
NASA Office of the Chief Information Officer, Information Security Division Web Application Security Program (WASP) WASP employs custom methods to discover and remediate enterprise vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them; program conducts automated and manual testing across the enterprise to identify critical vulnerabilities and provides vulnerability scanning tools for stakeholders
Nationwide Children's Hospital Zero Hero Software collects and analyzes safety information, enabling employees to report and detail safety incidents at any computer so the system can help identify ways to reduce risks; has so far reduced preventable harm by 50% and serious safety events by 85%
Opera Solutions Government Services Open Source Threat Assessment Platform TAP searches and analyzes in real time online content in 55 languages using 85 million-plus entities to determine potential threats around the globe and then advise organizations about incidents that could develop
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Enterprise Incident Management (EIM) Internet-enabled tool allows care providers to report incidents involving elderly and physically or mentally disabled individuals in their care; replaces the former system to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies, allowing commonwealth officials better insight and control over reports
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM) Program Program streamlines the department's regulatory audit management processes to enable effective risk-based decisions; establishes security risk framework and embraces automation that rationalizes more than 4,000 individual regulatory requirements into 350 unique integrated requirements
Plugout Taino Towers East Harlem Pilot Block Intelligent IP Video Surveillance with Facial Detection Access Control State-of-the-art digital security setup with IP-based megapixel surveillance cameras, video management software, wireless two-way communication alert systems and motion identification system successfully combats crime at a housing complex and brings operational efficiencies to management staff
Real-Time Technology Group The Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) Project Project unites information from labor groups, private contractors, public agencies and security professionals to deliver a Web-based shared identity management and background screening system that public agencies and private enterprises can use to review, verify and credential individuals
Sensuss Sensuss Helmet Helmet with body area network comprised of multiple sensors collects and transmits data to the cloud, making information about physical impacts that could cause concussions (such as location of hit) available to coaches, families and doctors
Texas Department of Transportation Drive Texas Application with user-friendly interface provides travelers with real-time road conditions, traffic and weather feeds, and links to other useful information, making it easier for drivers to access data affecting their travel across Texas
Town of Longboat Key Fire PrePlan, Logbook and Inspection Program Custom applications for iPad2 enable fire department personnel to more efficiently conduct required inspections, document findings and file reports, enabling the town to do more work with existing personnel

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