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Emergency Portable Weather Radio

Is a storm on the way?

Emergency Portable Weather Radio

Many power failures are attributable to high winds that knock down power lines, ice storms that weigh down and break those lines or summer heat taxing the electrical grid to the breaking point. Oregon Scientific's $50 Emergency Portable Weather Radio (model WR601) can help you stay in touch with cold fronts and tornado warnings. It tunes into the government's Emergency Alert System and Weather Band broadcasts that repeat the local forecast, day and night.

Unlike most clunky, oversized weather radios, the WR501 weighs 4.5 ounces, has a large LCD screen and comfortably fits into the palm of a hand; it comes with a handy belt clip. The radio is always ready for a blackout because its base charges the radio. And the WR601 doubles as an alarm clock so you won't be late for work, even if there's no power at home.

Available from: Oregon Scientific Inc.

Price: $50

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