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How to fix Windows 10 printing problems

Although Windows 10 stability has been smooth across different installations, printer issues aren’t uncommon. Here are some tips for working around the typical gotchas for Windows 10 and printers.

Thinking back, I can dimly recall that in the era of Windows 3.0, 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups, printer drivers could be particularly vexing. Since then and until the release of Windows 10, printer problems didn't register much on my radar. But I've noticed that in the wake of upgrading my network to Windows 10, printer problems have occasionally manifested in this brave new desktop era.

If this is a cause for concern, you may be relieved to know that all of the problems I've encountered have been easy to diagnose and fix, providing you know the proper steps to take to figure out what's up. Hopefully, that means this how-to can help readers zip through detection and diagnosis and proceed more quickly to the usual cures for such ills.

Typical symptoms of printer problems

Without belaboring the obvious, the most common issue with printing in Windows 10 is an inability to print. Somewhat frustratingly, you might select a known and formerly working printer in Windows 10, fire off a print request and see nothing happen in response, other than the number of jobs in the print queue increase. What gives?

Other typical symptoms may also include the following:

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