Accelerate past the competition with infrastructure automation

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When a new idea presents itself that gives a business a chance to move ahead of its competition, things need to happen fast. Maybe it’s a new technology that opens up an exciting new way to conduct business. Or maybe it’s something as simple as an update to a customer-facing service. If the organization can’t flex its IT infrastructure fast enough, the opportunity evaporates. It’s like when you’re stuck behind slow moving vehicles on a two-lane mountain road – a gap opens up, but you don’t have the power you need to accelerate, so you continue to crawl along for who knows how long.

IT organizations are challenged to find the kind of speed and flexibility that would enable them to make a solid contribution to business growth. Many spend the majority of their time managing and maintaining their existing infrastructure, which prevents them from focusing on developing new apps and services.

What’s needed is an IT infrastructure that can move at the speed of innovation.

Push fast, push past

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s infrastructure automation engine, HPE OneView, helps you accelerate time-to-value and push past the competition. It simplifies operations, enables you to take control of your infrastructure, and gives you the freedom you need to innovate.

Built with software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView enables you to deploy infrastructure faster and simplify lifecycle operations across compute, storage and fabric resources. HPE OneView’s unified API increases productivity by connecting infrastructure with applications.

HPE OneView connects HPE BladeSystem infrastructure to the network in a fraction of the time it would take to perform the same task manually. IT organizations using HPE OneView reduced the average time to deploy a BladeSystem enclosure of servers from 20 hours to less than 1 hour. On average, HPE BladeSystem and HPE OneView users deploy new services in 64% less time, through templates and software-driven processes. They spend an average of 40% less time on “keeping-the-lights-on” tasks in their datacenters1.

Rev your innovation engines

HPE OneView’s software-defined intelligence automates your infrastructure, freeing up resources that you can redeploy into developing new applications and differentiated services. It gives you the innovation power you need to seize opportunities and accelerate past the competition. Plus, it places your IT organization firmly on the path to composable infrastructure, the engine of the next-gen, programmable data center.

For more information on how HPE OneView can help IT move at the speed of innovation, see this short paper: HPE OneView—your infrastructure automation engine

1Top 5 Reasons to Move to HPE BladeSystem, Slide 7, November 2015


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