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Google Forms cheat sheet

How to use Google Forms to create online surveys, quizzes and feedback pages.

Google Forms  >  A woman uses a tablet displaying an online form.
Katleho Seisa / Getty Images / Google

Do you need to make a quiz, survey, registration form, order form or other web page that gathers feedback from co-workers, customers, or others? If so, you can design and deploy it right from your web browser with Google Forms. It’s integrated with Google Drive to store your forms in the cloud.

Anyone with a Google account can use Forms for free. It’s also available as part of G Suite, Google's subscription-based collection of online office apps for business and enterprise customers that includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and more. Forms is lesser known than Google's other productivity apps, but it's a useful tool to know how to use. This guide takes you through the basics of designing a form, deploying it online, and viewing the responses it gathers.

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