New episode 17 of the UK Tech Weekly Podcast - live now! Podcast discussion of AMD's VR-ready GPU, Windows Phone, and antisocial use of gadgets

The latest episode of the UK Tech Weekly Podcast is available now from iTunes and SoundCloud. This week's discussion of all things tech takes in AMD's VR-ready GPU and the way it democratises virtual reality, why Windows Phone is actually pretty good, and antisocial use of gadgets

UK Tech Weekly Podcast - Episode 16 - Discussing The Internet of Not Terrible Windows Phones (IoNTWP) - VR games & phones at gigs

This week host Matt Egan is joined by PC Advisor staff writer Chris Minasians to chat about the AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card and what this could mean for the future of virtual reality games.

Fellow staff writer at PC Advisor Henry Burrell jumps in to talk about the "not terrible" Windows 10 phone as he starts using the Microsoft Lumia 950 and can't see what everyone's beef with it is (13:00).

Finally Ashleigh Allsopp, engagement editor at Macworld UK chats about using your technology at concerts (24:30).

Listen now via SoundCloud: