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How this tech-forward insurance might save you time and money


We don’t mean to scare you, but have you ever thought about what will happen if your home and valuables get damaged or lost? Disaster can strike anytime, and it can happen to anyone. When it does, how many thousands of dollars would you be down? 

That’s why we put up with insurance companies. It's not the most fun task to deal with, but it’s a lot better than losing everything you own. Of course, that doesn't make handling claims any easier. Insurance companies are notoriously slow, and did we mention they're slow? Even getting approved for renters and homeowners coverage takes ages. Once you're finally approved, you end up paying hundreds or even thousands each year on premiums. The least they could do is reimburse us quickly when our property is damaged or stolen. 

Wrong. Insurance companies are for-profit institutions, and they make more money the longer they hold onto ours. That means it can take days or even weeks for your insurance claims to get cleared. If you’ve just suffered a tragedy, the last thing you’ll want to do is deal with is a slow claim process. You need your money as soon as possible, and Lemonade is here to help. 

Lemonade changes the game by using AI to file your claims, saving you time and money. With Lemonade, you can get your home insured almost instantly, with rates starting as low as $5 for renters and $25 for homeowners. Just sign up for coverage in the app or through their website, and Lemonade’s AI bot will create you a personalized quote that you can customize to suit your needs.

In the event that your home or property gets damaged or lost, all you need to do is start a claim through the app and record a quick video to describe your situation. No complicated paperwork is necessary. Once your claim is approved, your reimbursement is sent to your bank account almost immediately. 

As if that weren't enough to sell us, Lemonade only takes a small percentage of your premiums to cover operational costs. The extra money that isn’t used on claims by the end of the year gets donated to a cause of your choice. With this model, Lemonade has no incentive to hold onto your money, ensuring that you get reimbursed as soon as possible.

Ideally, you wouldn't have to pay for an insurance policy that doesn’t support you in your time of need. With Lemonade, you can get coverage and file claims within minutes, thanks to the power of AI. Find out how you can get insured for as low as $5 per month for renters and $25 per month for homeowners.

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