Sustainable IT: An environmental and social approach to business tech

Applying environmental, social, and governance goals to enterprise IT practices can lower operating costs, improve resiliency, and bolster brand image.

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Tools to help sustainable IT efforts

Organizations can choose from a number of technology solutions to support their sustainable IT plan.

One is ESG management software. These products collect data and enable companies to track, manage, and report on areas such as energy and water usage, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, workplace safety, and compliance metrics.

ESG management software automates the process of gathering and analyzing data, potentially saving time and reducing errors. Data is collected from users via their devices, or from connected systems, sensors, devices, and other components that play a role in any of the areas being tracked. Data that’s gathered is aggregated and made available on dashboards and reports to help with decision making.

Another tool is advanced grid management software, which includes supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), utility energy management systems, and operationalized real-time capabilities that leverage physical and machine learning models, according to research firm Gartner.

The software is used by electricity system operators to monitor and control energy resources across the electricity grid, to maintain system stability, and defer capital investments, the firm says.

By deploying tools such as these and implementing best practices, organizations can enhance their IT sustainability efforts — to the benefit of their own business and the world at large.

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