Matt Egan

Editorial Director

Matt Egan is global editorial director of IDG's enterprise sites. He has worked for the UK's leading technology media company since 2003. A passionate technology fan who writes on subjects as diverse as smartphones, internet security, social media and Windows, in his spare time Matt enjoys playing football (badly) and singing in a band (also badly).

2018 CIO 100 launched | Recognise your CIO as one of the UK's leading IT executives

Each year CIO UK celebrates and acknowledges the role technology leaders take in transforming organisations in a digital world. Is your organisation's CIO one of the UK's technology and business leaders? Enter the 2018 CIO 100 now

10 Google Docs tips you should know

10 Google Docs tips you should know

These savvy, time-saving Google Docs tips will help you get more done when working with documents.

The best tablets for entrepreneurs: What's the best tablet for business use?

Best tablets for startups and entrepreneurs: iPad The most popular individual brand of tablet, Apple's iPad is slick and simple to use. Secure and with the best app support on the market. It's not...

Register now for exclusive IT event at Old Trafford Manchester: Learn, lunch, and take a tour of the iconic Theatre of Dreams with your CIO and IT pro peers - free of charge

Join a group of leading CIOs, IT managers and CIO UK editor Edward Qualtrough at Old Trafford, Manchester, as we discuss ways in which IT leaders can use their skills and experience to transform and drive forward every organisation....

New episode 17 of the UK Tech Weekly Podcast - live now! Podcast discussion of AMD's VR-ready GPU, Windows Phone, and antisocial use of gadgets

The latest episode of the UK Tech Weekly Podcast is available now from iTunes and SoundCloud. This week's discussion of all things tech takes in AMD's VR-ready GPU and the way it democratises virtual reality, why Windows Phone is...

Nu Skin's ageLOC Me uses third-platform tech to improve your skin: How Nu Skin combined third-platform technologies, suppliers and products to create a single killler product

Global skincare company Nu Skin believes that its use of third-platform technology is the way for you to stay young forever. Here is how Nu Skin brought together multiple technologies, suppliers and products to provide a single...

Microsoft ends Windows 8 support: 8 reasons why your business should upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft ends Windows 8 support: 8 reasons why your business should upgrade to Windows 10

Reasons your business should upgrade to Windows 10: Windows 8 is dead Image by iStock Microsoft no longer supports Windows 8, meaning security patches, updates and vital bug fixes are not available on...

Internet of Things vs Things on the Internet: what is the Internet of Things? - IoT explained - Examples of Internet of Things

What is the internet of things? IoT explained in plain English The internet of things, most commonly referred to as the IoT, is 2016's buzzword of choice. IoT refers to an environment in which...

Heat Genius: the self-funded UK tech startup that is changing the world

The story so far of Heat Genius: the UK startup that can save you money without costing the earth.

8 great uses for an iPad Pro in your startup: some of them serious

8 uses for an iPad Pro: as a digital display Every business has important business metrics. What is it that you need to do to get to the next level? Share price, products sold, code written - even...

Techworld Daily Bytes - 10 September 2015 - Get money - Lose money - Everything Apple!

Where to get money 10 venture capital funds UK tech startups should be aware ofand what investors at each firm are looking for. How to lose money UK...

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