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Verizon to add mobile videoconference links to clinicians for treatment of colds, flu

If youve ever been sick with a cold or the flu on a business trip, Verizons new Virtual Visits videoconferencing technology could help quickly reach a clinician from a smartphone or tablet.

Beginner's Guide to R: Resources to learn data visualization and analysis with R

Along with Computerworld's Guide to R, his sortable chart will help you find more resources to start analyzing and charting data with R.

Computerworld Honors 2013: Tech projects that are changing the world

For 25 years, the Computerworld Honors Program has recognized organizations that use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare.

Your 2013 holiday gift guide

See cool gift ideas for family, friends -- and yourself.


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Mobile management: Expert guide

InfoWorld.com has put together a free, 20-page "Mobile Management Deep Dive" PDF special report that explains the innate security capabilities of the key mobile platforms (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows...

Adobe fixes critical Flash Player flaws

The Computerworld story, "Adobe fixes critical Flash Player flaw" posted on Wednesday contained incorrect information regarding the type of PowerPC Macs that Adobe will no longer provide Flash support.

Steve Jobs: A timeline

A look back at the life of Apple's iconic co-founder.





Can You Trust the Cloud?

The reliability of cloud computing services is a big concern for users, especially given a recent string of outages. IT managers should decide what level of risk they can accept.

What's your cell phone's maximum radiation level? Interactive database

Find out the maximum radiation absorption levels from various mobile phone handsets, using this searchable database. Or view and sort the full table of 1,300+ models.

Report: Google Ditches Windows Over Security Issues

Google employees are slamming Microsoft's Windows operating system, claiming security vulnerabilities in the OS left the company open to Chinese hackers in January 2010, a new report says. According to the Financial Times, Google will...

Val full width article test - BP archive table

Trying BP archive table at full width, and with new design.



HP to buy struggling Palm for $1.2 billion

Hewlett-Packard plans to buy struggling phone maker Palm for US$1.2 billion.

Tablet roundup

All the information you need about available tablets: price, display size, weight, links to reviews and more.

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