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HOUSE CHANGES HANDS—Should Smart Grid Care?

In my 25 years plus in DC, I've spent about 15 of those as a lobbyist and have seen many presidents and Congresses change hands. I have always prided myself on being an issues person, building my case in a non-partisan way to press...

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‘Peek performance’ — Apple turns things upside down

An event characterized by Apple's growing processor technology advantage points to a new future for enterprise tech.

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Windows 11: The end of the old-school Windows desktop

In the long run, Microsoft wants you to switch to a Desktop-as-a-Service model, and the first steps on this journey may already be in place on your conventional Windows PC . You know it as Windows 11.

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Change my password? AGAIN?

It’s not unusual for companies to require password changes routinely. But that doesn’t do as much for security as most people think; multi-factor authentication is a better option.

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Apple joins the Great Return to (hybrid) work

Having made a ton of cash offering products to support remote work, Apple has announced its corporate employees must begin returning to the office April 11.

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What business can learn from the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Ukraine war

When decisions go bad, you can almost always blame inadequate intelligence, wrong assumptions and a focus on casting blame.

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iPhone vs. Android: How to choose the best smartphone for you

Making a logical choice between iPhone and Android smartphones requires knowing what features and specs are most important to you. Here's what you need to know to make a smart decision.

COVID-19 vaccine is administered to masked patients at a vaccination center.

CVS app glitch makes — then cancels — vaccine appointments. And it gets worse.

CVS Pharmacy has a widely used app and site to schedule various vaccinations, including for COVID-19. The problem? It has a glitch that allows customers to schedule appointments that are then cancelled without explanation.

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Will Apple sanction Russia? (Updated)

As the Ukraine conflict intensifies, I expect Apple will join the crowd of enterprises exiting the Russian Federation. In a subsequent statement, the company added its voice to those calling for peace.

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Why Apple’s most addictive device boosts its health

But Apple could go so much further with Apple Watch to build a platform for future health services.

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In a time of war, it’s important to stay secure

With the Russia-Ukraine conflict under way, cyberattacks are likely to emerge. That's why it's important to take steps now to make sure your hardware is secure.

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Behavioral Analytics is getting trickier

One of the best authentication methods today relies on behavioral analytics, especially when it’s used as part of continuous authentication. But it is getting a bit trickier to do so reliably.

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Ukraine: Can Apple solve this new supply chain challenge?

The invasion of Ukraine may impact the technology supply chain, which depends on it for critical raw materials used in chip manufacturing.

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Windows is in Moscow’s crosshairs, too

Before Russia invaded Ukraine this week, cyberattacks were already under way. Not surprisingly, Windows systems were a common target.

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Understanding the connection between productivity and pay

So you think more money is usually the best motivator for employees? Not necessarily.

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No, Microsoft, don’t require an account to set up Windows 11

A recent preview build of Windows 11 makes an unwelcome change: it mandates a Microsoft account when installing even Windows 11 Professional. But not everyone wants or needs an account.

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Apple’s new workplace transition isn’t going well

Like many companies, Apple faces challenges as it seeks to evolve for the post-pandemic workplace.

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Signing up with a cloud provider? Don't forget to set an exit plan

It’s not simply about getting easy permission to go when it's time to part ways; it’s about IT making sure any decisions don’t complicate that eventual departure.

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