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HOUSE CHANGES HANDS—Should Smart Grid Care?

In my 25 years plus in DC, I've spent about 15 of those as a lobbyist and have seen many presidents and Congresses change hands. I have always prided myself on being an issues person, building my case in a non-partisan way to press...

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Microsoft 365 copilot

Generative AI comes to Office: What it means (and who’s at risk)

Microsoft's AI efforts took a big step forward this week with the unveiling of Microsoft 365 Copilot. It promises to be a big productivity boost, if users know what they're doing.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Feds to Microsoft: Clean up your security act — or else

The US government, worried about the increasing role of rival nations in cyberattacks and cybercrime, looks poised to force tech companies to do more about security.

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Apple's M3 chip is a bigger deal than you might think

The expected move to 3nm chips with Apple's upcoming M3 processor promises to turbo boost the company's hardware line-up.

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Tech industry dodges a financial bullet after SVB crash

What might have been the start of a catastrophic bank run after the Silicon Valley Bank failure has been stopped for now. But tech firms and start-ups that had assets at the bank could still feel a squeeze.

The Premium Limited Edition Mac Bundle ft. Microsoft Offic

The ever-evolving software subscription model

Microsoft has been moving to a subscription model for its software for years, and other companies are following suit. Here’s what to keep in mind if you’re making a move from perpetual software to an online version.

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Microsoft's tiny Word improvement is a big productivity boost

Microsoft is at last making it much easier to copy and paste plain text with a keyboard shortcut.

Grammarly Go ideate

GrammarlyGo and the coming wave of generative AI productivity

Generative AI is here to stay, and companies are already finding innovate ways to roll it into their products.

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Maybe one day every platform will be as secure as Apple

A glance at the Biden Administration’s recently updated National Cybersecurity Strategy document seems, at least on casual reading, to reflect some of the approaches to cybersecurity Apple already follows.

AI speed

IT’s lovefest with GPT-3 needs to meet reality now

As we’ve seen with other highly-hyped technologies — such as the Web back in ‘95 and blockchain more recently — companies can get ahead of themselves when they jump into investments based on things other than strategic goals.

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Generative AI will change PCs and smartphones, making one (or both) obsolete

Since generative AI is likely to change how we interact with our devices, how could it not also change the devices themselves?

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‘Digital twin’ tech is twice as great as the metaverse

The metaverse is all about escaping the real world. The digital twin idea is about making the real world better.

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Software bugs that bug me – and how to swat them down

Sometimes when things go awry in Windows, the easiest fix is to undo the last thing you did. Here’s how to do some sleuthing to (hopefully) find and fix the problem.

videoconferencing review 2021 zoom gallery view

5 reasons videoconferencing is on the decline (again)

The videoconferencing industry always seems to be on an upswing, right before it crashes back to reality. Why can't it get its act together?

microsoft ceo satya nadella announces the new bing ai based homepage

As Microsoft embraces AI, it says sayonara to the metaverse

Just two years ago, Microsoft execs were hailing the metaverse as a game-changer — just as they’re talking up AI now. Well, how did that turn out?

Microsoft Windows update cycle arrows with overlay a laptop and mobile phone.

Three zero-days require urgent attention for Windows, Exchange

This month's Patch Tuesday update addresses 76 vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Exchange, Office, and Microsoft development tools — including three zero-day flaws already in the wild.

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To get the most from generative AI, something’s got to change

Generative AI offers the promise of changing how we use computers and access information. It could also force us to redesign office and airplanes.

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Teams across all of Apple are now focused on mixed reality

Speculation about the company's plans for mixed-reality glasses suggest development now involves teams from across every part of the company.

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