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Apple Reality is getting real

Apple, not Meta, is more likely to offer a compelling vision for avatar-based virtual business meetings. The pieces are already being put in place.

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iPad Air: Apple's best all-around tablet is about to get better

Ideal for business, the iPad Air straddles the gap between high-end and entry-level tablets. It's about to be improved. Here's what to expect.

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‘Bridge the Gap’ shows where next-gen collaboration systems should go

For effective collaboration, you need the right tools. You also need the right people skills. A new book shows how those two are related.

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Google slowly follows Apple in app-tracking lockdown

Like Apple, Google now says it will also block website trackers, but it will take two years and is a little vague about how it will work.


The Apple Silicon transition is almost complete

Within a few months, not only will every Mac run an Apple Silicon chip, but it seems some will have reached the second generation of those processors.

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The Windows 11 feedback loop — what do users want most?

Microsoft says it wants users to weigh in with requests, suggestions, and advice using the built-in Feedback hub. But is that any way to really get Microsoft’s attention?

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Jamf and more: Apple MDM tools for smaller businesses

Jamf is the most well-known Apple MDM vendor, but small to midsize organizations have plenty of other options for managing Apple devices.

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Take your time testing these February Patch Tuesday updates

With this month's very light Patch Tuesday release from Microsoft, security and systems administrators should take time to test their apps and desktop/server builds.

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A multiverse of metaverses: an emerging productivity powerhouse?

Companies are always looking for ways to get more from their employees, though monitoring them to boost productivity rubs people the wrong way. Maybe the metaverse can help.

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Using choice to keep and retain talent amid the 'Great Resignation'

The simple answers are often the best: when it comes to technology in the office, it’s time for employee choice.

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For Apple Car, a Chargepoint buy makes more sense than Peloton

There are just 111,000 public vehicle charging points in the US. It's not enough to power the future of personal transportation.

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Rackspace is now the roach motel of cloud platforms

Ever since its layoffs last summer and a plunge in quality, Rackspace lets customers in — but won’t let them out. A cautionary tale of a business that had to fight like heck to escape.

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The Windows 11 ‘push,’ revisited

Some users still complain that their PCs are being unexpectedly upgraded to Windows 11 without their consent. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on, but there are ways to avoid the move.

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On building a better briefing

How you convey a message is just as important as the message itself, whether you're rolling out a new product or explaining corporate strategy. Here's my advice on getting it right.

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With ‘unlisted apps,’ Apple makes another enterprise move

The company’s decision to allow unlisted apps in its App Store could be a boon for smaller companies. But it could heat up rivalries between Apple other MDM players.

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Apple will be Meta’s less evil (more useful) digital twin

"Technology has exploded," Steve Jobs once said. "It’s getting more complicated by the day. And there are very few ways for us mere mortals to approach all this technology." Will Apple be the bridge to the technology of the future?

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Why Apple’s improved 2FA protection matters to business

More than a third of data breaches involve phishing scams, so it matters that Apple has improved its existing two-factor authentication (2FA) system.

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Bitcoin: Delusions of money

Bitcoin is more broadly accepted than ever, but that doesn't mean it's not still a scam.

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The basics of patching and repairing balky Windows PCs

When your Windows machine starts acting up, there are some simple ways to get things back on track.

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Windows 11 and Android: Rethinking the PC-phone connection

Could the integration of Windows 11 and Android apps lead to disruption for both platforms? We may soon find out.

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