Motorola XPRT: A great BlackBerry alternative

If you're an Android fan who needs BlackBerry-like functions, you'll be happy with the XPRT.

Malibal Nine X7200

What can you say about a laptop that ships with a 300W power supply and weighs more than 14 pounds? The Malibal Nine X7200 is an exercise in extremes: it's big, heavy, and gets loud under heavy use, but it's very, very fast on games...


Update of 22 free dataviz tools

qatest sb

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Haiku SenseMe ceiling fan

qatest - ecom - Will Ceiling Fans Render the Internet Obsolete?


bing chat

Bing’s AI chatbot came to work for me. I had to fire it.

When used for business, the chatbot embedded in Microsoft's Bing search engine is a bit sycophantic and fails to complete most tasks. Still, it shows real promise.

Talking and gesturing during a meeting. // teamwork // collaboration // discussion

OpenAI-based 'MacWhisper' could meet all your transcription needs

It’s an effective transcription app with plenty of potential and should be part of the toolbox for any journalist, student, or business professional.

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